Dan Jaworski

Racing Against Time and Alzheimer’s : Stories from the Finish Line Presented by CURAD Performance Series

Dan Jaworski sat in the doctor’s office, his heart racing as he braced for the results of his cognitive tests. It was October 16, 2019, and at just 54, Dan was grappling with some memory lapses, prompting a check-up. What he didn’t expect was the diagnosis that day.”Mild Cognitive Impairment likely leading to Dementia,” the […]

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Cheryl Vianzon

Cheryl Vianzon – Stories from the Finish Line

Like many working mothers, Cheryl Vianzon dedicated herself to training, learning, and hoping that her hard work would impart valuable lessons to her children. She loved being a homemaker and raising a family but desired fulfillment beyond that.Participating in IRONMAN races and triathlons had given her something to take pride in. Initially, she had worked […]

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Natasja Barclay

Natasja Barclay – Stories From The Finish Line

 Witnessing the remarkable journey of New Zealand’s ex-professional triathlete, Natasja Barclay, has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Natasja’s story is a testament to resilience, determination, and the indomitable spirit that fuels human achievement.Natasja’s journey began in the late ’90s when she competed on the prestigious ITU circuit from 1995 to 1998, showcasing her immense talent […]

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Rich Donnelly – Stories From The Finish Line

Rich Donnelly is a remarkable individual who has conquered IRONMAN Lake Placid a staggering 19 times, placing him in an elite category of Placid finishers. However, his story takes an unexpected turn as he finds himself in a distinct group that no one aspires to be part of. Rich belongs to the 1% of men […]

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Josh Duda

Josh Duda – Stories from the Finish Line

 Josh Duda, a 42-year-old flight helicopter paramedic from Minnesota, has played a vital role in saving numerous lives throughout his career. Despite being an avid biathlete since high school, it wasn’t until 2007 that Josh ventured into his first triathlon, an experience that captivated him, much like it does for many of us. From then […]

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Allen & Greg Lucas – Stories from the Finish Line

The dreaded DNF “Did Not Finish” is a tough, but common part of racing–especially at the long-distance level. In these DNFs, we often learn something important, something sacred, something that matters in some other nook and cranny of our lives.Still, even on a bright side, DNF is hard to swallow. Only a few people have […]

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Mary McManus – Stories from the Finish Line

 In 1959, Mary McManus was a kindergartener when a series of challenges began to unravel her young life. She was one of the millions of Americans devastated by the polio epidemic, forcing Mary to wear a leg brace until she was eight. In addition to paralytic polio, her family life was horrific. Her father and […]

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Daniel Allemond – Stories from the Finish Line

September 18, 2015 is a day that Daniel Allemond will never forget. This was not a date where he finished a race or other monumental life goal, but rather the date that left a giant, scary question mark on his future. Before this date, Daniel, like so many endurance athletes, had found triathlon. Swim, bike, […]

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