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Mike Reilly, best known as the "Voice of IRONMAN Triathlon," is a world-renowned race announcer, commentator, and author, who has called millions of endurance athletes across a finish line. In this show, he talks with successful people from all backgrounds about their inspiring stories of struggle and achievement in sports and life.

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From Deathbed to Ironman: Brian Boyle's Miraculous Journey

Resilience on the Racecourse with Skye Moench

Skye Moench

Mindfulness Meets Muscle: Jess Gumkowski's Journey

Jess Gumkowski

Breaking Barriers with Patrick Lange

Patrick Lange

The Multifaceted Success Story of Entrepreneur Andrew Cartwright

Andrew Cartwright

Athletic Excellence and Entrepreneurial Spirit - Beth McKenzie

Beth McKenzie

From Code to Camera: Talbot Cox’s Transformation in Triathlon

Talbot Cox

The Meredith Kessler Story: Resilience Redefined

Meredith Kessler

Triumph Over Trials: Sara Fix

Sara Fix

Unveiling the TriDot IRONMAN Partnership: A Conversation with Jeff Booher and Mark Allen

Resilience Rewritten: The Todd Crandell Story

Todd Crandell

James Lawrence, The IronCowboy

Breaking Barriers: Ashley Norton's Ironman Quest

Ashley Norton

Triumphs, Transitions, and the Future of Triathlon with Mark Allen

Embracing ADHD with Peter Shankman

Kim Clark's Journey to Inspire and Empower

Defying Limits: A Deep Dive with Triathlon Legend Michellie Jones

Dan Jaworksi - Chasing the Finish Line: A Journey Through Alzheimer's

Bob Gitsham's Remarkable Journey from Crash to Finish Line

From Combat to Podium - Melissa Stockwell

Melissa Stockwell

The Pursuit of Excellence with Ben Hoffman

From Double Above-Knee Amputee to Everest - Hari Budha Magar 

Athlete, Screenwriter, Producer, and Visionary - Lesley Paterson

Triathlons Ultimate Storyteller - Bob Babbitt

Bob Babbitt

Leading by Example with Professional Triathlete Linsey Corbin

World Champion Endurance Athlete & Performance Coach Mike Trees

Hope & Healing Through Sport with Tad Weiss & Maggie Swanson

Mental Wellness and Suicide Prevention with Lynn Keane

Singer, Songwriter & IRONMAN Finisher Ryan Kinder

Faith, Family & Finding Purpose with Alexander Delgado

2022 KONA Preview with Mark Allen & Mike Reilly

Six-time IRONMAN World Champion Mark Allen joins Mike Reilly to discuss the upcoming IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua Kona, HI.

Siri Lindley & Mile Reilly Interview Each Other

In this episode of Find Your Finish Line, Siri Lindley and Mike Reilly go back and forth, asking each other questions about their experience in triathlon, business, and life.

World Class Commentator, Performance Coach, and Author Barrie Shepley

Barrie Shepley is a professional Coach, Olympic and World Cup Triathlon Commentator, mentor to many professional athletes, and a true Canadian and Triathlon legend. Barrie Shepley has been to 6 Olympics & 30 World Tri Champs as coach or commentator. Listen in to Barrie Shepley as we discuss sport, life, and much more in episode 32 of Find Your Finish Line!

Love what you do with Dede Griesbauer

Dede's passion for what she does, perseverance, and laser focus helps her compete against (and beat!) people 10 - 20+ years younger than her. Listen to Dede's story to learn more about the motivations, learnings, and routines that make her one of the most consistent performers triathlon has ever seen.

Dede Griesbauer

Be Brave - Andrea Peet with Meredith Atwood

By 2013, Andrea had run a marathon and done nine triathlons, including a 70.3-mile half IRONMAN. In 8 months, she went from the strongest she'd ever been to walking with a cane – as she was diagnosed with ALS in May 2014, at 33 years old. ALS is a debilitating disease for which there is no treatment or cure. Andrea realized that if there was something she wanted to accomplish, the time was now.

Irish race announcer and passionate advocate for Women in Sport - Joanne Murphy

Joanne is the host of Tri Talking Sport, a sports podcast for athletes, adventurers, and endurance enthusiasts. Joanne announces endurance events worldwide and most recently announced the 2021 IRONMAN World Championship in St. George, Utah, where she was the first female announcer to announce an IRONMAN World Championship event.

Mark Allen & Mike Reilly Preview IRONMAN World Championship - St. George, Utah

In episode 28 on Find Your Finish Line, six-time IRONMAN World Champion Mark Allen joins the show to discuss the upcoming IRONMAN World Championship on May 7, 2022, in St. George, Utah. Mark and Mike discuss the depth of talent, the grueling course, and many of the dynamics athletes might face in this pressure-packed early-season Championship.

Dave McGillivray

Running's Most Inspirational Person : EP 27

Dave McGillivray is known as one of the most inspirational and respected names in the sport of running. As part of his annual tradition, on April 18, 2022, Dave will run his 50th consecutive Boston Marathon. Dave has worked with the Boston Marathon since 1988, first as technical director, and then as race director beginning in 2001, which he currently still directs. McGillivray created DMSE Sports, Inc. in 1981, a firm that manages mass participatory road race events such as marathons, half-marathons, 10Ks, 5-milers, 5Ks, and charity walks. Listen to this episode to hear Dave share the stories that have shaped his incredible journey in both running and life.

Cherie Gruenfeld

The Spirit of a Champion : EP 26

Cherie Gruenfeld is an eighteen-time IRONMAN age group champion, thirteen-time KONA World Champion, four-time IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion, and a member of the USATriathlon Hall of Fame. Cherie Gruenfeld is considered KONA's golden girl in the sport of triathlon.  Cherie's passion for the sport of triathlon has propelled her across twenty-eight IRONMAN finish lines and continues to drive her today at the age of seventy-seven. In this show, Cherie tells us what inspired her first to get involved in the sport of triathlon, how an accident put her entire triathlon career in jeopardy, and what drives her to achieve her goals in sport and life.

Tim Don

The Man With The Halo : EP 25

Tim Don is a professional triathlete from the United Kingdom. Tim has four world championship titles, 3 Olympic games selections, two IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship podiums, and 1 IRONMAN World Record.
Tim was struck by a car while riding along the Queen K highway in Kailua Kona, HI, in 2017 - just days before the 2017 IRONMAN World Championship. Tim spent the next three months recovering in a neck brace. Just six months after he was injured, Tim returned to compete in the 2018 Boston Marathon where he finished in a time of 2:49:42. Click the link to listen to Tim's full interview.

Lauren Parker

World Champion Paratriathlete: EP 24

Lauren Parker is an Australian World Champion and Commonwealth Games medalist paratriathlete. After a serious accident in April 2017 while training for IRONMAN damaged her spinal cord, she turned to paratriathlon. Lauren's story of overcoming incredible obstacles to becoming one of the most inspiring, determined, and successful para-athletes in the world is one we all need to hear. Listen here to episode 23 of Find Your Finish Line with Lauren Parker.

Nikkola Mathews

Overcoming an Eating Disorder & More: EP 23

Nikkola Mathews joins us to talk about the incredible mental and physical challenges of overcoming a 15-year eating disorder and becoming an age group champion in the sport of triathlon. Nikkola hails from New Zealand and is the 2021 IRONMAN New Zealand Age Group first place champion.

Sam Long

An Athlete On The Rise: EP 22

Sam Long is a professional triathlete who is quickly moving up the ranks in the sport. Sam finished second place at the IM 70.3 World Championship last September (2021). Sam has two IRONMAN wins and four 70.3 wins and his most dramatic 70.3 was in St. George last May vs Lionel Sanders. Listen in to my conversation with Sam Long on Find Your Finish Line!

Sam Long

2021 Year in Review: EP 21

In our inaugural year for the Find Your Finish Line podcast, I'd like to thank every listener that took the time to listen or watch the show! We hope you've been inspired, motivated, or entertained by the stories and passions that our amazing guests shared with us. Thank you to all of the guests for telling their stories and inspiring hope in others to achieve more in sport and life.In this show, I review past episodes from 2021 and highlight the key takeaways and lessons we can use moving forward.

Mike Reilly Year in Review

Heather Jackson

Training, Coaching, and Leading Women Forward: EP 20

Heather Jackson is a current American professional triathlete and track cyclist. Heather is a six-time IRONMAN champion, twelve-time IRONMAN 70.3 champion, and has placed 3rd, 4th, and 5th at the IRONMAN World Championships. Heather joins Find Your Finish Line to tell stories about her journey in the sport of triathlon and what lessons she's learned along the way. Heather shares how her view on inspiring other women through actions has changed over the years and what she hopes to do to help others as she moves forward in her career.

Heather Jackson

Jill Koski

Depression, Incarceration, Comebacks

Many of us struggle to keep a strong mental balance as we navigate the challenges of everyday life. Jill Koski was an accomplished triathlete seemingly on top of the world, but on the inside, she was battling severe mental issues. She, like so many, ignored the signs and negative thoughts that grew in her head. Those thoughts eventually took over and sent her life into an uncontrollable spiral, leading to an eight-year incarceration. Listen in to hear her plea for help, her daily struggle with depression, and her comeback to build a better life.

Jill Koski Ironman

Shannon Spake

IRON Woman

Shannon Spake is an NFL reporter and NASCAR host for FOX Sports. She previously worked for ESPN on Sportscenter and the Speed channel, where she co-hosted NASCAR Nation. Shannon is a mother of two boys and a triathlete who participates and fundraises for the IRONMAN Foundation.
Shannon has completed seven half-IRONMANS and was training to participate in Kona's 2021 IRONMAN World Championship when it was unfortunately canceled. Shannon juggles parenthood, triathlon, reporting, and fundraising simultaneously - which is incredible! Listen to Shannon's full story on episode 18 of Find Your Finish Line.

Kyle & Brent Pease

Overcoming All Odds

The Kyle Pease Foundation was founded in 2011 by brothers Kyle & Brent Pease upon completion of their first triathlon in April of that year. Kyle wanted to share the experience of inclusion with others, so the idea of KPF was born. After a few months of work, the group received their IRS determination as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and off they went. In March of 2012 they supported their first athlete and the brothers, and the organization has continued to grow since then. Several completed IRONMAN's later, the brothers have proven that anything is indeed possible.

Pease brothers

Joe Desena

Spartan Up!

Joe Desena, Spartan Race Founder and New York Times Best Selling Author, joins me to talk about health, leadership, and the Spartan Way of life. Joe's best-selling book's are "Spartan Up" and "Spartan Fit," and recently released, "The Spartan Way." Joe's vision in life and business is clear, bold, and inspiring.

His vision is to get 100 million people healthy and off the couch, get Obstacle Racing recognized as an Olympic Sport and to guide my kids to be badass, productive, and happy for when they are out on their own.

Joe tells it like it is. His message is raw, authentic, and inspiring, and that's why it resonates with so many people. I hope you enjoy this show as much as I did!

Lucy Charles-Barclay

2021 70.3 IRONMAN World Champion

On episode 15 of Find Your Finish Line, English professional triathlete Lucy Charles-Barclay join's me to tell her story. Before taking up triathlon, Charles was an elite distance and open water swimmer who, at the age 17, nearly made the 2012 UK Olympic Swimming team, only to fall short to former silver medalist Keri-Anne Payne. With no real experience in competitive running or cycling, Lucy started competing in triathlons at the age of 19. In 2015, at age 20, Lucy won the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in the 18-24 age group and the IRONMAN World Championship in the same age group.

Due to her success in dominating age group athletes, Lucy became a professional triahtlete and has gone on to become a multiple time IRONMAN Champion, Challenge Champion and consistent podium finisher. Watch and listen to the full show by clicking the link below. 

Chris Nikic: EP 14

Get 1% Better Every Day.

Chris Nikic joins me on episode 14 of Find Your Finish Line and we have a bit of fun together talking about training, racing, and life. Chris is a 21-year old with Down Syndrome and all the associated disabilities - but he doesn't let any of that stop him from achieving great things.

He's an IRONMAN finisher, public speaker, and author of a Children's Book. Listen in to Chris's inspiring story.

Chris Nikic

Kristin Mayer: EP 13

A Creative Visionary Empowering Badass Women Worldwide

Kristin is both the founder and creative vision behind the women’s endurance apparel brand, Betty Designs. As an amateur triathlete for almost 20 years, Kristin took off to Kona in 2010 with a backpack of 25 cycling jerseys (the first official Betty design) and a dream—build an edgy brand for passionate and stylish women in endurance sports. In 2020 celebrating 10 years, Betty Designs has become synonymous with playful patterns, bold wordplay, and original collaborations with top endurance brands, elite athletes, and celebrities. Over the last decade Betty Designs changed the trajectory of women’s triathlon + cycling clothing, empowering badass women worldwide.

Kristin Mayer

Roderick Sewell: EP 12

Motivational Speaker& IRONMAN Championship Finisher

Roderick Sewell is a triathlete, motivational speaker, and the first bilateral above-the-knee amputee to finish the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona on prosthetic legs.

Roderick takes us through his incredible journey from having his legs amputated at the age of two, being homeless, and struggling to find his way in life. Then, at the age of eight, Roderick met the organization that would undoubtedly change his life in the Challenges Athletes Foundation (CAF). CAF provided Roderick with the tools and support to pursue a career as an athlete in a way he never imagined. Roderick used those tools to his fullest potential and still is today

Ben O'Donnell: EP 11

From COVID Life Support to Finish Line.

Ben O'Donnell joins the show to share his challenging journey from COVID life support to IRONMAN finish line. After contracting COVID, Ben was rushed into the hospital and spent a total of 26 days receiving different treatments aimed at helping him beat an aggressive bout of COVID.

After being given a 50/50 chance at living, Ben miraculously beat his COVID illness and left the hospital with a renewed view of life. Ben's new focus shifted to improving his health through sport and helping non-profit organizations raise money and awareness for charitable causes. Ben also found a finish line in 2021 - listen in to hear his whole story.

Ben O'Donnell

Mike Ergo: EP 10

A Transition From War

Mike Ergo served as a Marine rifleman with 1st Battalion, 8th Marines from 2001-2005 and deployed to Iraq twice. After flying home from Iraq and being honorably discharged, Mike's real struggles began. Mike found himself anxious, confused, angry, grief-stricken, and out of place. He turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with his unprocessed trauma, but this led him even further down the path of destruction.

In July of 2012, his unhealthy decisions and excessive use of substances led him to hit rock bottom. Mike knew he needed to make significant changes, and step by step, he began the journey to reclaim his life, health, and relationships.

Listen in to Mike's incredible story. 

Mark Allen & Mike Reilly. EP 9

Lionel Sanders Reaction Show

In episode nine of Find Your Finish Line, Mike Reilly invites a special guest to react to segments of a previous show with professional triathlete Lionel Sanders. Mike's guest is none other than six-time IRONMAN World Champion Mark Allen. Mark Allen is widely recognized in triathlon as a world champion competitor, coach, and ambassador for the sport.

Mike and Mark provide unique commentary on Lionel's competitive outlook, negative addiction, the mental aspect of 'second-place syndrome, and much more. The wisdom and perspective in this show will undoubtedly inspire you on your journey in sport and life.


On Leadership, Listening, and Triathlon.

Recognized as one of the Most Powerful Women in Technology and a two-time author, Rhonda Vetere is an active leader — whether she’s spearheading corporate initiatives worldwide, competing in another IRONMAN 70.3 mile triathlon, or mentoring students & athletes globally in STEM through sports.

Rhonda shares her unique story and how the lessons she learned have helped her both personally and professionally. Rhonda details some of the principles that guide her actions and how we can use those principles to fuel growth in our own lives.

Rhonda Vetere


5 Time Triathlon World Champion.

Craig (CROWIE) Alexander is an Australian triathlete, a three-time IRONMAN Triathlon World Champion, two-time IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion, and course record holder at the IRONMAN world championship. In addition, Craig is an ambassador for the sport of triathlon, a triathlon coach, husband, and father of the three.

Listen in as Craig takes us through his triathlon journey, overcoming challenges like transitioning from a soccer player with no endurance sports experience to becoming an IRONMAN world champion.

Craig Alexander


Breaking New Barriers

Sika is an IRONMAN finisher in 2019 (Kona - 11:35), and 8-time 70.3, first in 2016. Sika has a degree in Economics at Tufts University, and in May of 2021, she became the first African American Female to gain her pro card in triathlon.

Sika details her competitive background as a marathoner, challenges with the swim, training while having a full-time job, and commitment to creating diversity and awareness.

Sika Henry


Finish What You Start

Lionel is a four-time IRONMAN Champion and 27-time IRONMAN 70.3 Champion. He has won the ITU Long Course World Championship and has finished 2nd at the Ironman World Championship. Lionel takes us into the depths of his journey from beating insecurity, alcohol and drug addiction, and rising above challenges to become a fiercely competitive professional triathlete. Lionel's story is powerful, raw, and an inspiration for all of us.

Lionel Sanders


From Man of IRON to IRONMAN Finisher.

Kris is an internationally renowned businessman, best-selling author, celebrity trainer, physique transformation specialist, and IRONMAN finisher. Kris is a well-known elite bodybuilder and trainer; however, in 2017, he began his journey into endurance sports with his sights set on completing the 2017 IRONMAN Couer d' Alene. Kris's mission was to prove that all athletes can benefit from a combination of hybrid training, whether it be endurance athletes adding more strength training to their routine or weightlifters incorporating cardio. Kris details the 6+ month transformational training program he endured ― from fine-tuning his nutrition, preventing injury and refining technique to preparing his body to take the immense beating an IRONMAN presents. Kris successfully completed his 2017 IRONMAN triathlon and, in the process, proved to himself and many others that the human body and spirit are capable of anything.


Surviving Cancer & Beginning Again.

Derek Fitzgerald is a Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer Survivor and Heart Transplant Recipient, a six-time IRONMAN, and a husband and Father.
Derek is the first person to survive cancer and a heart transplant to finish a full-distance IRONMAN. Derek takes you on his remarkable journey from cancer diagnosis to surviving seven years of heart failure and then finally receiving a life-saving heart transplant. For Derek, victory is defined by getting to a start line and beginning again. In 2013, Derek started the Recycledman Foundation to help others going through similar circumstances. Through Derek's story, you can draw parallels between beginning again and what it takes to face any new challenge. Pushing forward and cheering yourself on when no one is around often means seeing victory in the tiniest of efforts.


A Mom, Triathlete, and Ultimate Endurance Competitor.

Mirinda Carfrae is an Australian professional triathlete, a 3-time IRONMAN Triathlon World Champion (2010, 2013, 2014), and Kona run course record holder. She lives and trains in Boulder, CO, is the mother of two children, Isabelle and Finnan, and is married to Tim O'Donnell, an accomplished professional triathlete.
 After having two children, she details her outlook on triathlon, life, and how she's training to return to triathlon racing in 2021. One thing is clear, Mirinda's competitive spirit is very much alive, and we expect to see her claiming a spot on the podium soon.


How Triathlon Changed Everything

Taren Gesell is best known as Triathlon Taren online.
Taren joins Mike to tell his story about how he went from overweight and unhappy to an IRONMAN athlete, business owner, and leader of thousands of Triathletes online. Through his YouTube, podcast, and social media accounts he has helped over 400,000 followers get to their start lines feeling confident and across their endurance race finish lines feeling strong.

Do you have someone you know that would like to share their story on the show? Contact us here and send your submission.