John Huber: Stories from the Finish Line Presented by CURAD Performance Series

John Huber

I've always been drawn to stories of triumph, of ordinary folks doing extraordinary things. So, let me tell you about John Huber, a 29-year-old guy who decided to chase a dream that's been in his heart since his teens: completing an IRONMAN.

Back in 2016, John caught the marathon bug. But deep down, he yearned for more – the IRONMAN. Inspired by the broadcasts on NBC and, if I may say so, my own words echoing from the IRONMAN stages, he set his sights on something bigger.

Training for IRONMAN Texas wasn't a walk in the park. It was tough, tougher than he'd expected. Juggling workouts with work and his personal life, especially with his girlfriend Kelsey (she's now his wife, by the way) by his side, was a daily challenge. Like many athletes, John faced injuries, illnesses, and the chaos of travel and work schedules. But he kept at it, eyes fixed on the prize.

Then came race day. Boy, was it a mix of nerves and excitement. I remember giving John a high five at the swim start – a small moment, but it meant the world to him. The swim had its hiccups – foggy goggles, the usual jostling – but John pushed through.

On the bike, John battled a fierce headwind. His hydration plan went sideways, which hit him hard. Around mile 109, dehydration forced him to pause, but he got back up, determined to finish the leg. Sure, he missed his time goal, but making the cut-off was a win in itself.
The run was where it really got tough. Dehydration kept gnawing at him. But a high-five with Daniela Ryf, the IRONMAN World Champion, and cheers from his family and spectators kept his spirits up.

The final lap was brutal. Pain, dehydration, doubt – it all came crashing down. His parents were there, torn between wanting him to finish and worrying about his health. After a pit stop at the medical tent, John decided to push through.

That last stretch was a mix of running, walking, and sheer willpower. And as he neared the finish line, the support of another racer and his family's cheers gave him the final boost.
Crossing that finish line, I announced, "John Huber, You are an IRONMAN." It was more than just words. It was the culmination of John's journey through adversity, of finding out what he was truly made of. He finished in 14:43:43 – a time that marked not just a physical feat, but a journey of self-discovery and resilience.

So, congratulations, John Huber. You're more than an IRONMAN; you're a testament to the power of the human spirit.