My 2019 Announcing Schedule

2019 Announcing Schedule

This year I asked you, the athlete, which event you'd like to see me announce in 2019. 

The results are in and my schedule is published below. First, let me say thank you to the over 9,000 athletes that took part in our voting! I appreciate your responses and I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams in 2019. 

I'm able to attend most of the highest voted locations, although there were a few that I simply cannot attend. I need to be able to balance my travel and family is always a priority for me. I hope you understand. 

See my announcement about which events below. 👇🏽



IM New Zealand

March 2, 2019

IM 70.3 Oceanside

April 6, 2019

IM Texas

April 27, 2019

IM Boulder

June 9, 2019

IM Ireland

June 23, 2019

IM Lake Placid

July 28, 2019

IM Mont-Tremblant

Aug 18, 2019

IM Wisconsin

Sep 8, 2019

World Championship


Oct 12, 2019

IM Florida

Nov 2, 2019

IM Arizona

Nov 24, 2019

I look forward to seeing you cross that  finish line in 2019.

What is your 2019 event goal? Nothing is too small, too big or too ambitious.

Type in the comments below which event you hope to conquer in 2019. 

Let's have a great year,


  • TNT Jen says:

    I am training for my first IM races and I’ve been listening to your book. Oh, I’ve got my fingers crossed that you will announce Chattanooga 70.3 and/or IMSR 2020!! Listening to your book while running, by the way, undoubtedly makes me quite the spectacle to my fellow runners. Spontaneous giggles one moment and choked up with tears in my eyes the next! You and the amazing people you share with us in your book are quite an inspiration, sir! It is still incredibly surreal to be in this path and I suspect it will be through this whole endeavor. Thanks for all you do!!

  • Jennifer Ashburn says:

    Mike – When do you release your 2020 schedule? Hoping to see you in AZ for my first full IM!!!

  • David Ernst says:

    Just finished your book, and doining Ironman Flordia in a week. It will be my first full Ironman. I’m so excited for this event and you announcing is the icing on the cake.

  • Bec ameyer says:

    Mike, I am from Lake Placid. You announced me in 2011! It was the best moment of my life. I wear my medal as a belt buckle to give me everyday Ironman strength. I have DNF’ed twice since then. But it doesn’t even matter to me, because the first is so precious. I watched Lake Placid for a few years before I signed up. I watched a few blind people finish. A lady with one leg come out of Mirror Lake. I asked myself, “What’s your excuse?” I met a young lady who is a paraplegic (not an Ironman) a now friend of mine struggle with her disability. She is always happy, thankful for her life as it is. I run because of her. She doesn’t even know. She ran Burlington marathon on a set of hand crutches. She earned her Spartan Trifecta! And now, she wants to run an Ironman. How and who do I contact to see that dream come true? Her name is Jillian.

  • Jojo says:

    Let’s get that 2020 schedule planned ;)… IMMD????

  • Camille says:

    Can you put Oman 70.3 202 on your list?!

  • Rachel Taylor says:

    Thank you for all of your support at IMMT! I enjoyed listening to you at the Friday dinner, Monday breakfast and of course on Sunday!! I do not know how you do it! I am looking forward to reading your book.

    See you again!

  • Richard Jewitt says:

    Hey Mike – just finished the book…inspirational stories and what a life you have! Just completed 70.3 whistler (first ever triathlon) – I’m hooked!! First attempt at full IM is next year in St George, Utah….you know you’d love to be there too. 😉

    Love what you do, thanks for the motivation!

  • Marzia Pisoni says:

    Hello Mike, Page 37 of your wonderful book, Finding my voice :… “Sure, go ahead and “look into it”, pretend there’s some kind of decision to be made, but you’re not fooling anybody except yourself. You’re toast, and I’ll see you at the start line! ” …well I am looking into it, any idea of your schedule for 2020?? 😉 lol

  • Michael Morin says:

    Boulder made the cut!!!! Spent all morning texting my family.

  • Boston Billy says:

    Boston Billy here – I’ll see you at the Finish Line at Lake Placid in July! Giddy Up from Boston!

  • Diana says:

    Sad no Santa Rosa. It will be my first full! Maybe next time! Have a great season!

  • Casi Willey Zaharias says:

    Yes! IMAZ will be my first! I’ve never even run a marathon before. I’m so freaked out and excited at the same time!

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