Overcoming Cancer through IRONMAN Racing with Kristin McQueen

At Ironman Santa Rosa this year I had a chance to sit down with Kristin McQueen – a cancer survivor with over 10+ brain surgeries to her name.

While listening to her courageous story of battling cancer, I couldn’t help but think, how is she going to finish this IRONMAN tomorrow?

During race day, I couldn’t go more than a few minutes without thinking about her and whether she would persevere to the finish. Will she have enough energy given her condition? Will she make the cutoffs? Will she be an IRONMAN?

Kristin’s undeniable positive attitude and will to overcome led her to that finish line in a time of 15:36! She had the biggest smile on her face and, well, I did too. I shouted, “Kristin McQueen, You are an Ironman!”

Not long after the race Kristin messaged me and said she’ll see me at Ironman Wisconsin to do it again.

Then, after the event is over she will go back in for another round of brain surgery.

I hope you enjoy the interview and draw some inspiration from her story.Please share this if you found this was an inspiration to you.


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