2021 year in review

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In our inaugural year for the Find Your Finish Line podcast, I'd like to thank every listener that took the time to listen or watch the show! We hope you've been inspired, motivated, or entertained by the stories and passions that our amazing guests shared with us.

Thank you to all of the guests for telling their stories and inspiring hope in others to achieve more in sport and life.

In this show, I review past episodes from 2021 and highlight the key takeaways and lessons we can use moving forward.
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2022 Episodes:

EP 1 - Taren Gesell: How Triathlon Changed Everything

EP 2 - Mirinda Carfrae: A Mom, Triathlete, and Ultimate Endurance Competitor.

EP 3 - Derek Fitzgerald: Surviving Cancer & Beginning Again

EP 4 - Kris Gethin: From Man of IRON to IRONMAN Finisher

EP 5 - Lionel Sanders: Finish What You Start

EP 6 - Sika Henry: Breaking New Barriers

EP 7 - Craig Alexander: 5 Time Triathlon World Champion

EP 8 - Rhonda Vetere: On Leadership, Listening, and Triathlon

EP 9 - Lionel Sanders Reaction Show: Mark Allen & Mike Reilly

EP 10 - Mike Ergo: A Transition From War

EP 11 - Ben O'Donnell: From COVID Life Support to Finish Line

EP 12 - Roderick Sewell: Motivational Speaker & IRONMAN Championship Finisher

EP 13 - Kristin Mayer: A Creative Visionary Empowering Badass Women Worldwide

EP 14 - Chris Nikic: Get 1% Better Every Day

EP 15 - Lucy Charles-Barclay: From Age-Group Athlete to IRONMAN Champion

EP 16 - Joe Desena: Spartan Up!

EP 17 - Kyle & Brent Pease Overcoming All Odds

EP 18 - Shannon Spake: IRON Woman

EP 19 - Jill Koski: Depression, Incarceration, Comebacks

EP 20 - Heather Jackson: Training, Coaching, and Leading Women Forward

Cheers and Happy New Year in 2022! 

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